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Bo Jeanes

I am an software engineer who has lived and worked in New York, Brisbane, Chicago, San Francisco, and now Melbourne. I primarily work in Ruby though am a functional programmer at heart and a fan of programming languages in general. In particular, I love Rust and Clojure but keep my eye on many langauges all the time.

Ultraviolet Tools

A few weeks ago, I was modifying my clone of Enki (my blogging platform) to use Ultraviolet instead of CodeRay, as it supports using both TextMate themes and syntaxes. This means I can extend it fairly limitlessly and use TextMate itself to modify the themes an syntaxes.

However, Ultraviolet doesn’t come with the best tools to turn the TextMate syntax and theme files into files Ultraviolet can use, and the ones that it does provide puts those translated files INTO the gem on your system. This means that you can’t easily deploy or share them.

So, to remedy this I made a small gem Ultraviolet Tools that provides two command line tools: uv-create-syntax and uv-create-theme.

They aren’t very complicated, nor very documented, but they are straight-forward to use:


Install Ultraviolet Tools with sudo gem install bjeanes-ultraviolet-tools -s



Run uv-create-theme path/to/theme.tmTheme


Run uv-create_syntax path/to/syntax.plist or uv-create_syntax path/to/bundle/with/syntaxes.tmBundle

Using the resulting files

Use my fork of ultraviolet as it has an option to change the load path for themes and syntaxes so that you can load them out of your application files.


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