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Bo Jeanes

I am an software engineer who has lived and worked in New York, Brisbane, Chicago, San Francisco, and now Melbourne. I primarily work in Ruby though am a functional programmer at heart and a fan of programming languages in general. In particular, I love Rust and Clojure but keep my eye on many langauges all the time.

A collaborative thought experiment on company environment, values, culture, and ethos

TL;DR: add your thoughts/experience on company values and culture to this repo.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the types of working environments and how they impact the productivity and happiness of the people who work in them.

After many discussions on and research into the topics of leadership, management, and company culture, I felt like I had to start taking notes of how everything pieced together. Specifically, I wanted to write down what the culture and environment look like of a company that I would love to work at and/or start.

Being a developer and contributor to open source software, it seemed clear to me that something like this could benefit immensely from a collaborative and open approach.

And so, here is the ever-evolving work and distillation of this process.

I'd love for people to contribute their input in the form of pull requests and discussions. And, where more appropriate, people or companies could fork the still-not-aptly-titled work to form the basis of a different set of values.

If I were to start a company right now, a living document like this would be available for all employees to see, discuss, dispute, and change.


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