Hell yes

Although long overdue, I’m here to tell you why I joined Obtiva and why I think you should too.

About 10 months ago, I found myself looking for a job. I had plenty of freelance work and plenty of time to find the right fit for myself. With this in mind, I decided to adopt a new philosophy to apply in situations like this.

I realised that you don’t always get the full potential out of life until you face up to what you really want out of it.

The core principle of this outlook was inspired by reading a fantastic blog post that had one message: If you can’t say “HELL YEAH!” to something, just say “No” instead.

This message resonated with me and helped me considerably to get what I really wanted out of the next few months. I knew that what I really wanted more than anything was to work with incredible people who inspired and challenged me on a daily basis. I knew then and still do now that if this basic need wasn’t met, I’d be looking for a new job within a few months.

I knew that to make the best of my time, I had to take my time. I put the word out to the world (via a blog post) stating what I wanted and began networking and contacting companies I thought I’d like.

One of the first things I did when I got on the phone with any potential employer was to tell them that I would not be accepting any jobs immediately. I wanted to take at least a few months to get a good feel for the work places and the people of which they were comprised.

I was contacted by nine fantastic opportunities across the world. They included opportunities in Sweden, Spain, Mexico, the USA, Canada, and my home, Australia.

With each opportunity, I stated that I wanted to come to their office (anywhere in the world) and spend a week working with the people who would become my coworkers and on the projects that I would be a part of.

After several experiences at different locations, I had the pleasure of spending a week in Chicago with the Obtivians. Finally, this was a place I knew I wanted to work at. Obtiva has some of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. Each of them is smart, passionate, interesting, modest, and inspiring. I knew I could only come out the other end of working with them a better developer and human being than before.

Several of my visits with offices prior to Obtiva felt like interesting and challenging places to work at, but none of them gave me an overwhelming sensation of happiness and excitement as Obtiva did and still does.

Ultimately, I don’t plan on being a consultant for most of my career, but I know that as long as I am one, I want to be one with these guys.

So, face up to what you want. Say no until you are moved to say yes as though by an external force (other than coercion!). There's no room for compromising on happiness, fulfillment, and personal growth.

Also, Obtiva kicks ass. If you are a passionate developer or have an interesting project, drop us a line, and let us move you to say "HELL YES!"


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